Our Story:

In 2002, while studying yoga teacher training in San Francisco at the Iyengar Institute, Jeff began sketching skeletons in yoga poses. They made sense to him; they represented an essential foundation to build on. Lisa recognized Jeff's drawings as art and began screen-printing them on her hand-dyed t-shirts.

Jeff and Lisa have continued to create Yoga Bones throughout the years. Their full life, which includes: a yoga studio, an art studio, four children, two cats, a dog, and chiropractic school continues to inspire more poses and designs. Jeff and Lisa want to share Yoga Bones with you as a reminder and invitation to embrace your life, feel your frame, and enjoy moving your body.

Use your gifts, go slow, and keep pursuing your dreams.  Build your life from the Yoga Bones up!

We are all the same down to the bones!  No matter our gender, our race, where we are from, or what we believe.

Would you like to carry Yoga Bones in your studio?

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Yoga Bones Shirts are a Nido Threads’ product, 
printed locally and distributed through Nido Art Studio in Aurora, IL http://livepage.apple.com/http://nidoartstudio.com/Nido_Art_Studio/Nido.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0

You can find

Yoga Bones Shirts:

Aurora Yoga Center, Aurora, IL

Prairie Yoga, Lisle, IL

Yoga Community, Sonoma, CA

Nido Art Studio, Aurora, IL